Who’s in? Who’s out? Memorials & monuments in D.C.

Doing a quick Google search of things you can do in D.C. provides thousands of results, but one of the first things to pop up is the National Mall. This long, grassy stretch is home to iconic monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.

With the U.S. Capitol casting a shadow to the east and the White House dominating the north, there’s a lot going on at the National Mall. In fact, there are nine monuments and memorials on the National Mall, according to the National Park Service.

Many of them are likely the most well-known of the monuments and memorials in D.C. such as Lincoln and Washington and also the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

But, in D.C., who gets a monument and who doesn’t? And who makes those decisions?

Read the full post on the White House & The Press website. 

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