White Squirrel to open as community brewery

On 871 Broadway Avenue, there is a maroon building that houses a dream that has been brewing for about three years. By this May, WKU alumni Jason Heflin, Sean Stevens and Damon Wilcox hope to open the White Squirrel Brewery.

While the decision to start a brewery together has been an idea in the making for nearly three years, the three men’s experience with the craft goes back further than that.

Heflin said he and Wilcox started brewing together almost 20 years ago  after they had graduated from WKU. Wilcox has a long experience as a home brewer, and Heflin was amazed with what he was producing.

“The beer was excellent— on par with anything we were tasting that was being professionally done,” Heflin said.

Read the full story at wkuherald.com

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