Crosby’s comic book gains national attention

It was a normal day for 25-year-old Alexander Monroe as he was slacking off at his maintenance job at a nuclear power plant.

A normal day, that is, until he was pushed into a vat of nuclear waste, cryogenically frozen and woke up decades into the future with superpowers.

So begins “The Adventures of Fro-Man and Dubstep Boy,” the origin story of a superhero duo written by David Crosby, a rising senior at North Oldham High School.

What started as doodling in the second grade, Crosby has taken his love for drawing and transformed it into something completely his own.

The idea for Fro-Man started as stick figure drawings in sixth grade. His friends encouraged him to go the route of making superhero comics and he did; he did so despite the fact he hadn’t read a comic book up to that point.

“I knew Batman, Spiderman, Superman, all that sort of stuff, but I’ve never actually sat down and read one,” Crosby said. “So I started from scratch making my own superhero character.”

“The Adventures of Fro-Man and Dubstep Boy,” follows Alex Monroe as he navigates his new life and superpowers, which allow him to change his afro hairstyle into whatever shape or form he envisions.

Joined by Fro-Man is his sidekick Dubstep Boy, whose real name is Solomon Westcott. Solomon is exposed to some of Alex’s radioactive energy and develops superpowers that allow him to absorb and reproduce sonic waves.

Crosby said he puts a little bit of himself into his characters.

Alex is based off of how Crosby physically looks, but also his backstory of feeling like a “fish out of water,” which Crosby said he has experienced before too.

At one point in the comic, Solomon lets off a sonic blast that seemingly blows his family away and he becomes unable to find them.

The loss of Solomon’s family becomes a motivator for him, and it’s something Crosby said he also based off personal experience when his grandmother died last year.

“She was a really big inspiration to me, and so for Solomon his family is the closest thing he has to him and losing them takes a pretty big toll on him,” he said.

Crosby finished the first comic in the Fro-Man saga in January, and published it in February. Since then he’s been working on the second issue, and plans to have the overarching story span five comics.

Including incorporating his own experiences into the story, he said he wants to make sure other people feel included when they read his comics.

“I wanted to create a character that’s Black, characters with different appearances, different hair, different all sorts of stuff,” he said. “I want everybody to have some character they can look at and be like, ‘Oh, that’s kind of like me’.”

He’s also gained new skills along the way, teaching himself how to use a design program he found online as he navigates designing his own comic.

His work has already garnered attention on a national level. He was named a Gold Key recipient for the 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

Crosby’s dad, Oldham County District Court Judge Jerry Crosby, praised his son’s work. Admittedly, he said he doesn’t get all of the jokes but thinks the overall story and character development are great.

When asked if he would continue as a judge in the event he were to also fall into a nuclear waste vat and develop superpowers the answer was rather straightforward.

“If I had superpowers, I’d be out saving the world, not from the bench,” he said.

As for what comes next for Fro-Man and Dubstep Boy, David Crosby said the second story will continue expanding some of the storylines from the first.

For example, readers can expect to learn about why Ruth, whose villain name is Razor, pushed Alex into the nuclear waste all those years ago.

Looking toward to the future, he said he’s planning on going to college and studying graphic design, and while he may not continue with comic books he’s hopeful to possibly be a creative director for an animated cartoon or TV show.

However, he wouldn’t exactly complain if one day Fro-Man and Dubstep Boy ended up on the silver screen.

“It would be my absolute dream,” he said.

“The Adventures of Fro-Man and Dubstep Boy” is available for purchase on Amazon.

Read online at The Oldham Era

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